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Fairy tales…

girls in forest

I long to return to the forest,
to fairy haunts,
and let restful woodlands capture my thoughts…

come with me,
let’s sit awhile,
we’ll get in touch with our
“inner child”….

as we carve our names in the umber bark,
and forage for mushrooms in the dark…
the chorus of frogs will whir in our ears
until the disquiet disappears…

won’t it be fun
watching beams of sun,
as they dance before our eyes
we will be mesmerized?…

by the sights and sounds
of gentle trees,
swaying unhurriedly in the breeze…

In the stillness of our souls
we will become whole,
and the voice of prevailing winds,
will leave goosebumps on our skins…

So that when we return home,
we’ll sink in the knowledge that we’re not alone….


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A very dear friend of mine drew this sketch for me because he and his wife were inspired by my poetry…
Art by Anthony Ford…

reflections from anthony ford

I’m just Alice in wonderland
trying to find her way,
out of the mayhem
and disarray,
out the sadness
that infects our sight,
that steals our gladness,
and dims our light…
Finding magic
everywhere I go,
catching the wonderment
of nature’s show…
Kneeling in fields,
getting up close,
taking deep breaths
and making the most,
of every expression
that God provides,
immersed in the holiness
where He resides…
With feelings of love
being more than enough,
and an abundance of grace
when times get tough…


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In whispering fields…


In whispering fields
where wishes grow,
I dreamed
a dream
in the afterglow…
And laid me down
in dandelion beds,
where prayers
with gossamer threads…
said out loud,
far from
the maddening crowd…
I let my dreams
ascend to heaven,
and fall to earth
in untold blessings…


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The Summer of love…

To Rick…

seagulls in eastbourne

The summer of love
is beckoning me
from over the seas,
winter winds are blowing,
assembling a big freeze…

I want to go to the forests
where time lords gather,
crunch over pebble beaches,
and watch seagulls scatter…

Meet me on the promenade,
so we can catch the amber light,
stay awake with me,
let’s put the world to right…

We’ll drink
a little chardonnay,
and watch the greenery grow,
eat victoria sandwich cake
and talk about van Gogh…

We could put on the bee-jees, and sing way out of tune,
hang-out over the rainbow,
and mingle with the blues…

If I was a Jonathan seagull,
I’d fly right now to you,
I’d even request a stop-over
in Timbuktu…


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Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

I long for the bustle of markets,
stalls of delectable eats,
chitter-chatter in the corners
nuggets and sweet treats…
steam rising from infusions,
patrons all abuzz,
bottomless vibrations
until I’ve had enough…
Oh, to sit in the dining area
and eye-ball other dogs,
stuff my face with shwarmas
while balancing on stubby logs…

Common grounds and conversations,
toppings that please,
vegan aspirations
and everything else with cheese…

To watch Colin the mime artist,
to hear laughter everywhere,
there’s no room to be cranky
coz granny brought her garden chair…

I long to see hippy girls and long-haired dudes,
buy farm-fresh vegetables and
other wholesome foods…

to be charmed by the ordinary,
and taste community fare,
jive to the sound of performers,
sung on a wing and a prayer…

I long to sit with a glass of wine and prattle till I am done,
eat spicy samosas
or a tasty cinnamon bun….

I just wanna be in the outside
with my all-weather friends,
whether it be raining
or freezing,
I can’t wait for this damn thing to end….


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It’s a kind of Magic…

just saying

Have you beheld magic
in an earthling’s eyes,
in a newborn’s breath,
in an old man’s sighs?
Have you watched how the wind
plays with leaves,
sensed the lucidity of hearts that grieve?
Have you noticed how the stars anchor light,
sending messengers
to uphold the night?
Have you questioned birds
as they swoop and dive
as their songs bring you back to life?
Have you seen how flowers
grow from dirt,
and how their fragrance can ease your hurt?
Have you watched
the moon,
as it waxes and wanes,
do you allow fear
to go unexplained?
Have you touched the wings
of butterflies,
reminding you that you’re fully divine?
Have you enabled love
to be all you need,
as kindness becomes your creed!


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Riding rainbows…

we ride rainbows

We ride rainbows in the sky,
dreams dreams of days gone by…
Sing anthems with heart beats,
drink the favor of eternal peace…

We wish on stars and blue moons,
become drenched by love’s monsoon,
bask on grasslands all day long,
join gatherings of heaven’s throng…

We whisper secrets in the darkness,
feel the intensity of being incarnate…
And when the flavor of life gets bland,
we collapse into
gentle hands…

And let color return to the spaces,
where once
there was
complete stasis…
declaring life to
our higher selves,
from deepest hearts where the divine dwells…


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Mojito Skies…

mojito skies

Skies sparkle
like pink champagne,
with hints
of peach
and vanilla sorbet…

An effervescent sunset
of lemonade,
shimmers with luminosity

summer breezes whisk me away,
on melanges
to celebrate…
with sleepless dreams
of Sundays,
reflections rise
like baked souffles…

mojito skies
and crisp cocktails,
intoxicated by the details…