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The voice in the darkness…

child like joy

I’m that voice in the darkness
crying out,
your inner memory
that says you’re enough…

I’m the light
of the moon
reminding you to shine,
to hold my reflection,
and know that you’re mine…

I’m the bird
that wakes you
in the early morn,
singing to you sweetly,
when you feel forlorn…

I’m the flowers that spread
their fragrant scent,,
comforting you
with gladness,
and even in lament…

I’m the wind that whispers
softly in the trees,
telling you gently
to be at ease…

I’m the sky all over you
that covers your home,
sending signs
that you’re not alone…

I’m the sea that rumbles
and gives you rest,
never growing weary
in showing you’re blessed…

I’m the forests that breathe
when you’re flooded with doubts,
keeping you sane,
when madness shouts…

I’m the rivers that flow
out of my heart,
reminding you that it’s love
that sets you apart…

I’m the mountains that stand
forever in grace,
guiding you into gratitude,
that time can’t erase…

I’m the children that play
way after dark,
bringing to life
your inner spark…

I’m the music
that serenades you
with abundant joy,
installing peace
when you feel annoyed…

I’m the kindness
that abounds on dirty streets,
the patience
and forbearance
you dare to meet…

I’m the light of heaven
that gives you strength,
as my beloved one,
even unto death…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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