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For Ally

School Of Blue

I think grief is the love that has to find a place to go, now that the person we’re grieving is no longer here [grief] cuts as deep as it does because the love is as profound as it is. Jeff Chu

I traveled through last night like a light on a space ship. We flew close to the owl that called, heard the wisdom that we are nothing but with love we are everything. You kept me company, saying words of encouragement. You are okay, you say. Then the concern in the question you ask. How is your relationship with grief? I crumble at the thought you are not here and the sorrow we hold deeper than the dark. We lean into where it hurts.

You sit me down and make me laugh with your go big: you beg to disagree. I am butterfly. I am dance…

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I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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