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It’s a kind of Magic…

just saying

Have you beheld magic
in an earthling’s eyes,
in a newborn’s breath,
in an old man’s sighs?
Have you watched how the wind
plays with leaves,
sensed the lucidity of hearts that grieve?
Have you noticed how the stars anchor light,
sending messengers
to uphold the night?
Have you questioned birds
as they swoop and dive
as their songs bring you back to life?
Have you seen how flowers
grow from dirt,
and how their fragrance can ease your hurt?
Have you watched
the moon,
as it waxes and wanes,
do you allow fear
to go unexplained?
Have you touched the wings
of butterflies,
reminding you that you’re fully divine?
Have you enabled love
to be all you need,
as kindness becomes your creed!


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I felt the call…

You are the root of heaven, the morning star, the bright moon,
the house of endless Love.”
― Rumi

cosmic christ

The trees were laughing
the moon was out,
I felt the call
on distant mount…

prayers of calvary,
that came before,
universal tongues,
a lover’s encore…

the peaceful meadows
and fields
were bright,
a blessed calling,
that reignites
this fragile flesh
on common grounds,
announcing that peace
is all around… 

with every breath
we each belong
to the symphonies
of cosmic songs…

the wounded healer
who wore
this form,
stands beside us
through every storm…


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On other days…


On Saturdays you bought sunflowers,
I gazed at them for hours and hours,
and in the evening before my rest,
they bowed gently to night’s behest…

On days of grief, you bought pink roses,
it soothed my pain in tender doses,
and when petals fell from their core,
I felt the flush of joy’s encore…

On other days you picked wild daisies,
those summer days when fields were hazy,
I put them in my living room,
they gave me peace while still in bloom…


nat poetry

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Saturday Blues…

In rows, they stood

cheering me on,
believing me
hearing my song… guardians
blue skies,
I could hear their voice
between my sighs… worshipers
of all that is,
like lovers,
chanting to the abyss…
stained with blue
the asphalt wept
a chorus
I can’t forget…

all in a row

It’s Day 15. I think, and the lockdown has been extended for another 2 weeks, so that means we are staying home until the end of the month. I have mixed feelings about it, but the powers that be have decreed it, so we must adhere to their advice.
I do believe it is a time of deep reflection and gratitude. I have witnessed much kindness in our little town. The poor are always the ones who suffer most in these crises…

When I get to go on shopping trips I optimize my time out by taking pictures of the abundance of beauty all around…

Stay safe and happy Saturday!

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A Sonnet to the Easter Bunny…

lindt easter bunny

How do I love thee, let me count the ways,
on Sundays and Mondays, and holidays?

I love thee to the depth my taste buds can reach,
even when I’m out and when I’m under siege!

I love thee with the intensity of hazelnut and fudge,
in candlelight I love thee because you never judge…

I love thee purely and crunchy too,
in the late afternoons,
and when I’m blue!

In my dusty cupboards, you hide away,
I munch you with a passion that I cannot explain!

These old cravings and childish fantasies,
I love thee infinitely, with such capacity!

With Joy and laughter, I know I should eat grapes,
I love thee even though you’ve changed my shape…


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The new high…

Day 14…..

grocery isle

Grocery shopping
is the new high,
essential supplies…

chatting in
the cold foods aisle,
gloves and mask
are now in style…

Bags of rice
and frozen thighs,
sadly there
were no baked pies…

When I got home
I literally cried,
because they
were out of Italian rye…

Most days
I’m just mystified,
thinking of castles
in the sky,
and not just butterflies,
but virtual tours
of Versailles…

Do you think I qualify
to be
a private eye,
I’ve studied
how the virus dies,
even how it multiplies,
though I can’t quantify
and I’m not qualified,
records could be falsified,
I simply can’t clarify,
when it was certified,
or the strain identified,
in a bat’s alveoli..

I don’t have an alibi,
last week I saw
some passers-by,
laughing out loud
with Lorelei,
gossiping about Malachi…
have they
the recipe
for pumpkin pie,
or have they just quietly denied,
how the stored
London dry…

Maybe I’m
a wise guy,
dreaming of
apple pie,
I’m more or less
I don’t think
I’ll ossify,
because I like

Perhaps I’ll take up
live on beans
until July,
or spinach like Popeye,

Please don’t say
you’re satisfied,
with this boring diatribe!!!


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I lost the plot…

Day 13…

“I align to truth. I know myself in the vibration of truth. And I permit the vibration of truth to heal me of all lies.”
― Paul Selig, The Book of Truth: The Mastery Trilogy: Book II


I’ve given up
thrown in the towel
let it go
taken a bow,
on trying to be what I am not,
in fragmented notions
I lost the plot…

It’s like a groove that cuts so deep,
it’s like a river that was a creek…

I’ve conceded to realms
of just being,
locations of intuitive seeing…

I’m rewriting the narrative of my life
seeking out what is wholly divine…

Listening to my inner voice
feeling the silence
secretly rejoice…

What wounds are buried in my memories,
what veiled impressions
have gone unseen…

The scars are lasting
the pain is real
in natural light
love is revealed….