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If you touch her
she may crumble
before your eyes,
for at times
she doesn’t feel truly alive…

She’s held up
by prayers
and mystical things,
she thrives
on kindness
and the warmth of her skin…

On dark nights she cries
while you are asleep,
she searches
for shadows
and visions that speak…

Her strength comes not
from what is seen,
it’s grace that carries
her in-between
the silences
of when she’s
fully awake
and before
the dawn
when dreams are opaque…

The morning
holds promises
that blessing
will come,
and she opens her eyes
to welcome the sun…

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Happy Valentine’s day…

heart pixabay

Should I speak of love

and its delectable parts
how it crashes in
overwhelms the heart? ♡
how it softly whispers 
in liquid streams,
casts its breath,
it intervenes…

Pours out like unrelenting tides
unveils the radiance
of humankind…

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Sacred Journeys…

journey with grief

It’s like a freight train
in the darkness
hitting me at full speed…

in that moment,
a wound
that has to bleed…

It’s a fearful obsession,
an emptiness within,
as well as
a deep knowing,
it’s goose bumps
on my skin…

It’s the voice
of a tormentor
saying that he’s gone,
it only lasts
a second,
it’s the mystical beyond…

It’s unexplainable visits
when breathing in light,
it’s a deep knowing
that gets me
through the night…

It’s rainbows
boldly stretched
across azure skies,
it’s a change of direction,
unraveling the lies…

It’s a gentle banishment
of archaic beliefs,
a supernatural feeling,
a glorious release…

It’s a slow awakening
expanding the mind,
It’s everlasting kindness,
faith in the Divine…

It’s a visceral knowing
that he watches
over me,
It’s a sacred journey
A loving reverie…

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I couldn’t recall
what I’d heard
on the news that day,
when the warm ocean
tickled my toes
and the sands sparkled
with favor…

As the seabirds
squealed overhead
I became drenched
in soft rays of light…

The blues of the sea
and the sky
were an antidote
to my foreboding…

Butterflies drifted
across the shimmering dunes,
reminding me of heaven…

And when I returned home,
I felt strangely nonchalant
and the past lay unremembered…