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The calling…

A raptor circled over my house yesterday, calling me out….

raptorI’m calling you to speak your words

paint pictures of harmony
and release sanguine sounds
create a symphony of peace all around…

Find skies filled with birds
swooping and diving
held by light
believing that they are not silent
or worried now…

See the insects crawl
busily gathering
harnessing their togetherness…

Keep spreading love out
let it span the fields
the streets
until it’s more widespread than fear…

Don’t be faint-hearted
don’t be concerned if no one sees or hears,
words have energy
they move with light
and project into the void…

Don’t let confidence be destroyed
hold onto faith
trusting in its movement
keep on believing
keep memorizing the wonderment of things…

Words can make music
can cover despair
don’t be afraid
fear is a plague

Reach out
touch with your eyes
embrace the great knowing
you are heard in the heavens…

Don’t worry about the others
those who make clanging sounds
and loud noises
they’ve put their love on hold
suspended in ego
unknown in the depths
but always reachable…

The pestilence may come
it will take down structures of hatred
of division,
but love will stand the test,
the oceans still swell
the birds still fly as messengers heavenwards…

Butterflies are dancing
in their abundance
keep looking for signs
keep looking in the eyes of the beloved
for the time is here
the separation…

It may be upon humans
but oneness can never be divided
there is no algorithm for that!

Love can never be severed

We will acquiesce into all that is
mingled with the knowing
the transformation of hearts
from stone to flesh…

We are more than our physical bodies,
one with the great I am
since the beginning of time…

Nothing is lost that needed to be kept…

Like a watchman at the gates
see the majesty unfolding in the heavens
hold onto what is good
what is holy…

For you are divine

Some may have forgotten
some strived for worldly gain
some were bewitched by the laws

The time for selfish ambition is over
greed will soon be a memory
no longer heard in congregations of light

Do not submit to the realm of this world
do no play into the hands of deceivers
you have the power to see the change
to be the change

Hold your vibration steady
keep your light on
Search for the music of your soul

dream about kingdoms of light
they are more powerful
than you think
they tirelessly work for good…

Readying us for what is to come
raise your vibration
keep looking towards the light…

Do not fear
all shall be well
all manner of thing shall be well…

We are shedding the myopic band of frequency…

Image courtesy of PixaBay


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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