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Love has wings…

wings of love

The timidness of faith
was everywhere,
A diminished touch
brought great despair
But love has wings
of invisible breath,
It can’t be extinguished,
not even by death…

Image courtesy of Facebook

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Comfort zone…

comfort zone

I’m living in my comfort zone
watching sunbirds
cherishing home…

And as I look through distorted lens,
people falling
shocking trends…

My heart lies heavy in this cave,
as I watch
the impending wave…

Living in my comfort zone
reminders on my telephone…

From afar I feel their grief
watching numbers
am I deceived?

Crying out my words are spent
in prayer, I’m constantly bent…

Living in my comfort zone
some are saying
I may be prone…

Hearing fear all around
I call out from this holy ground

Telling angels
speaking to ghosts
I plead with God
to renew our hope…

Into benevolence, I gently dive
from this fallout
faith will survive…

All around me
guardians of light
bringing peace to our plight

Living in my comfort zone
in my frailty
I quietly groan…

I send forth light from this place
expecting kindness to filter from space…

Worrying times
financial fears
mingled with fervent prayers…

Calling from my comfort zone
remembering that I’m not alone
so very loved
so very dear
through the chaos
love perseveres…

in the dark night of each soul,
perhaps the light is making us whole…


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“All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”
― Julian of Norwich


at twilight
when movement thrills,
night birds call
and moods distill…

on deserted roadways
silence speaks,
hidden reminders
the soul to keep…

hearing calls
that all is well,
ancient teachings
a gentle swell…

quiet whispers
quell despair,
a sense of knowing fills the air…

fear had spoken
far too loud,
when I joined the frenzied crowd…


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Augurs of light…

Sadly we have been exposed here in Africa and I will probably have to stay home for a while and watch the grass and flowers grow. I don’t really mind!
I took this picture on my last outing to the store, the flowers hold such promise, they seem to have no cares…
In fact, they gave me hope…

augurs of light

Agapanthus swayed,
the dream was at hand,
in love’s equation,
faith will stand,
and darkness
in the eye of the storm,
conscious contact
was being transformed…

Messengers of hope
placed there
by chance,
a graceful exposure
was willing to dance…

Strength from beyond,
in unlimited flow,
untold guidance
was being bestowed…

Calling on soothsayers,
augurs of light,
in chambers of love,
we got through this night…

And lucid blossoms
still wave in the wind,
acts of kindness
can never be dimmed…


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Counting stars…

star gazing

we counted the stars
at moonrise,
some lay within
our reach,
they remained part
of our fragments,
many had light to teach…

We remembered the glow
within us,
from whence
we came,
the radiance of our memories,
we’ve never
been the same…

We come from the dust
of distant stars,
we are rising suns,
our quest is to shine
and learn to live as one…

Art by Ally

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Preaching to the choir…

“We must be trying to learn who we really are rather than trying to tell ourselves who we should be.”
― John Joseph Powell

preaching to the choir

Behind every picture
there’s a story,
behind affectation there are lies
the narrations we invent
the milieu
we justify…

returning to reality
is painful
when our brokenness
spills out
between shadows, we dance
between each lesson
we doubt…

We make secret vows in the darkness,
we preach to the choir,
our unsuspecting followers
expose our desires…

Art by Olivier

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Uncolored mood…

uncolored mood

Everything shutdown
the wind wouldn’t tell,
a vagueness held
in unresponsive swell…

And her flesh
bode heavily,
in drab uncolored mood,
no messages to ponder,
her voice was unmoved…

She felt her bones
grow weary,
her breath giving in,
like the ending of an era,
time withered her skin…

Would she reemerge
from the umbra
from perceptions
against the scorch of extinction,
would her cry be heard?

Art courtesy of Facebook…

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Longing for the age of Aquarius…

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”
― John Lennon


From seas of oblivion
every soul arose,
speaking tongues
of gratitude,
and the mastery of repose…

Every tribe was holy,
coalescing as one,
casting down their egos,
the age of peace
had begun…

And love played out
in rhapsodies,
across Universal skies,
the search was over
as the whole earth

Grace was among them
colored by the winds,
they changed
into light-beings
and faith touched
their skins…

with loving-kindness,
all souls were found,
by radiance,
and the indwelling of sacred sounds…

Art by Ally…