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I’ll write you a letter….

dance in the particles

I’ll write you a letter,
promise you’ll reply,
tell me of the angels that color the skies…

the sadness still lingers,
lays heavy on my chest,
I’m broken in pieces
though I have acquiesced
to what has been given
sensing you’re not gone
you live in the ether,
the great beyond…

I’ll abide in the silence so that I feel your voice,
call out the darkness
when my eyes are still moist…

Send your messengers,
write on leaves,
whisper at daybreak,
I promise to believe…
and I’ll treasure each rainbow,
collect every beam,
I’ll skip through puddles,
and grow cosmic dreams…

Just keep on scribbling your yarn in the skies,
dance in the particles before my eyes,
and when the day’s over and my soul is at rest,
stay in the fabric
of wondrousness…

Touch the essence of divinity,
open my heart to epiphanies,
and as the words gather,
teach me your ways
let my mind wander
into ceaseless praise…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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