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Mosaic magic

Since I have become a bit more of a regular blogger, I’ve seen a lot of imaginative blogs in cyberspace.

I was inspired to drive around our little village and look for interesting things to photograph.

We have a Mosaic project here and the employment opportunities are endless. It beautifies the surroundings and brings tourists, Ā a valuable commodity.

A Mosaic Art tour was launched in 2013 and the Tour Guide is a crafter who delights in telling stories about every mosaic installation.

Workshops are held on certain days to teach the basics of Mosaics.

Come with me on a little tour……

Teaching family values outside the Post Office…


The heartbeat of the Village…


A magnificent welcome to the Veterinary Surgery…


Beautifying our Municipal Offices….


The War Memorial outside the Town Hall….


This is to commemorate the World Cup that we hosted in 2010. It’s outside the Library…


A beautiful symbol of Unity with words to inspire. If you look closely you can see Children’s hands in the cement…


Taking a rest on the bench outside the Town Hall…


Businesses commission the team to create Artwork for their premises…


This is our big fish on the walkway to the beach…


The Lovely Guinea fowl on the traffic circle in the centre of town…


and lastly our giant Tortoise outside the Bowling club…


I hope you enjoyed the tour šŸ™‚


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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