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Old Photographs (Part five)


They made their home in
the City of Gold,
amid the blossoming jacarandas.
“It’s a large family”
people would say
in tones of admiration.

Her Roast beef dinners on Sundays
with Yorkshire pudding on the side,
brought memories
of the old Country.
Though her heart was firmly placed
under the African sun,
she found herself
reminiscing at times.

There were those jovial gatherings
with family and friends
and birthday parties galore.
Christmas’ were festive affairs,
hot Turkey dinners
in the sweltering heat.
Carols drifted through
her home,
and a fir tree was trimmed
with holly.
He inevitably caught a sneaky kiss
under the mistletoe,
which made her blush!

It was a time of unending pleasure
when carefree laughter
filled her home.
Small children running free,
and swimming pools
and beach holidays
and riding bikes all day!

He longed to go back to
his country of birth,
and with time it became
more than a dream.
They packed their belongings
and once again set off,
with adventure still in their veins.


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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