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The silent dancer


He wore his suit today
the tailored one.
The one that
shone a little
in the sun.

He felt as though
he was going to the ball
a lavish affair.
He sparkled some.

In understanding the mime
he was voiceless
in a gentle way.

The coins fell heavily
into his tin can,
and he came alive
with dance.

He gyrated for a moment
his face alight
but with no expression.

As he watched through darkened lenses
his fans approached.
For those who appreciated
his craft
he did an extra swirl.

Michael Jackson
could have been there
as he pirouetted in the dirt.

He went home weary
from the dance,
though a little elated.
Knowing full well
that he had been an entertainer
for the day!

He smiled as he recalled
the children’s faces.
His tin can overflowing
as he carried home
his reward!



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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