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Once upon a time…


I lived in Wonderland,
down the rabbit hole.
I know it may sound too extreme.
A little madness took me,
as if in some waking dream.

At times I felt quite enormous,
but mostly I’ve been very small.
Gladly I met many people,
a colourful bunch to be sure.

There were those who knew me
in wide eyed wonder,
The unstable who offered me tea.
(sometimes wine)
I nearly drowned in an
ocean of tearful sorrow,
when I had no idea
who was Me..

An escape to Wonderland
gave meaning,
though curiosity
was almost my ruin.
That different person I was yesterday,
is something
I’m not pursuing!

Some characters were there in my story…
A seriously detached white rabbit,
and a Queen
who wanted my head,
and then of course
the Caterpillar
who asked too many questions,
from this debate I have fled!

I’ve had plenty of tea parties,
and a memory that has gone astray.
Sometimes the trials were relentless,
the abyss is meters away.

The journey itself
is unpredictable,
and hypnotic to say the least.
Though the lessons I’ve learned
are illuminating
wonders have never ceased!

I presently live above Earth,
in a self-knowing habitat,
with a devoted and kind Defender
and a naughty
but handsome cat!



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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