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To my Stevie…

I’ll sing the songs you taught me
in glades of diaphanous Light.
I’ll be the kindness you gave me,
on dark and lonely nights.

Your footprints in the forests,
still wash up on distant shores,
the starlight that enabled me
to join with earth’s encore…

You dance on weary mornings
with light-beams
across my room,
with visions that re-awaken me
from this wholly tiresome gloom!

Keep shining in my daytime
keep holding me
when we cry,
be the presence I always seek,
be the softness of pale blue Skies…

You are the colors at sunset
the rainbow’s gentle promise,
you are the transfiguration,
my quiet vows of solace…

There is no forgetting,
no time for remorse,
when death and sorrow visit us
and clutter up our thoughts…

I’ll sing songs of redemption,
and paint on a smile,
honor your beautiful memory
born from what was wild…

The truth is we’ve been here before,
when darkness covered the waters,
we’ll return again
armed with what God taught us…

Forgiveness will be easy
and love will forever find
the beauty that awakened us,
carefully refined…

My son Stevie changed worlds 4 years ago today.
He is always with me, still one of my greatest teachers.
We have spent many lifetimes together
and we will be together again, I have been assured of that…


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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