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Postcard from the beach!

Day 11.

wake from your slumber
come down to the beach,
merge with blue skies
and touch the choppy seas,
pick up remembrance
speak to temperate winds,
let the sands of therapy
touch your skin.
down by the waters
you’ll feel your breath again,
as you stand in the shallows
watching fisher-folk come in…

I woke up this morning
and I heard your call,
looking up the tides
tired of these four walls.
I knew that the ether
would clear my groggy head,
so I turned back the covers
and stumbled out of bed.
I watched seagulls dip
and mussel crackers dive,
the fragrance of the ocean
brought me back to life!
Now there’s sand in my shoes
and salt in my hair,
I’m grateful for the memories
and the answer to my prayers…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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