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Living in the slow lane…

Day nine… bringing some perspective…

slow lane

waking to exuberant birds
hoping to unearth wise words…

things to do
at a snail’s pace
hushed observations
summoning grace
cleaning bathrooms
making beds
humdrum chores
with my head…

lengthy tea breaks
tasty lunch
noon siestas
helps a bunch…

no choir to sustain
tedious tasks
and scrubbing drains…

touching paints
as they vibrate
perceived images
it’s getting late
the colors swirl
and form thoughts
ideas flow
into feelings caught…

walking down country roads
butterflies lighten heavy loads
and sprinkle hope
on my jaded past
movement of sun is fading fast
birds tweet and call out
believing them
without a doubt
entwined in nature’s flings
encountering wasps
avoiding stings…

dinner requires me to be present
it never was a cosmic event
cutting beans
shredding cabbage
stuck in mundane habits…

have I found enlightened living
daily chants and thanks-giving…

fluffy pillows
soft breath
quiet dreams
I lay my head
beneath starlight
the moon waves
another day of being brave…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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