Could it be I’m chasing rainbows?
I’m captivated by birds at play.
Chanting songs of liberation,
hoping for that better day?

Dancing in defining movements,
no matter if I’m out of tune.
Melodies within a heart song,
holding out for joy’s monsoon!

Sometimes waking is fretful.
Wondering what life’s about?
Challenging any sense of purpose
holding back my inner drought!

Some dreams they have to perish,
New life from mournful embers.
Abundant mercies caress sorrow,
mystic visions a soul remembers.

I’m putting away all toxic ambition
as I’m freed from it’s tyrannical hold
Living in harmonious adjustment,
courage and truth, my pot of gold.

The birthing of divine acceptance,
occupying a sacred space.
Sometimes joy and sometimes sorrow
forgiveness is my soul’s embrace!

Music frolicking in my spirit
embracing a melody of its own.
A requiem to my ambition,
I’m hoping that I’ve finally grown!

Pity me not, in this moment,
I’m freer that I’ve ever been!
I’m casting my bread upon the waters
and dining on miraculous cuisine.



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