Conscious bravery

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.”
― Brené BrownDaring Greatly:

consious bravery
Residing in timeless
unknowable being.
Caught by imminent extinction,
fabricated seeing.
Subdued reality,
beyond the asteroids.
Embracing absurdities,
lucidity destroyed.

Concealed by darkness,
a vulnerable life.
Wastelands of trepidation,
Illuminating badlands,
into conscious bravery.
Shame is banished,
while movement
steps into
freeing reveries.


“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”
― Eckhart Tolle

I let toxic feelings
take me,
down to their
ghostly lair.
seas were rising,
trapping me in
pits of despair.
I met a horde of emotions,
in locations where
dreams have died.
I reasoned with them,
in solitude,
till I saw a change in the tide.
The quagmire of doubt
had consumed me
and my thoughts had run wild.
I went back
to the very beginning,
when I was just a child.
I allowed myself
to mourn the loss
of what I’d hoped to be.
Loosening the chains
of bondage,
I cut down the malignant tree.
I saw
radiance within me,
deep inside my soul.
Words tattoed
on my heart,
a grace I could not control.
I may again sojourn
in dark dungeons,
when my pain body revives.
In the meantime
the yoke will loosen,
confining memoirs
to the archives….

Emotional reward

“It seems there are some problems even Prosecco and cake can’t make better.”
― Lorraine Wilson


I ate a mound
of rich gateau,
with chocolate drizzled
on the side.
Its heart was filled
with a promise,
that only sweet comfort
can provide.

I let each morsel
my taste buds
with ecstasy.
It was an emotional piece
of cake,
soft and velvety.
Filled with longing,
and twinges
of guilt in between.
It rolled over my tongue
with the greatest of ease,

Just for a moment,
delicious flavors,
wrapped me
in delight.
An extravagant slice of pleasure,
appeased my appetite.
Luscious tastes
of forgetfulness
layered with a little remorse,
imbued with dainty textures,
an emotional reward.

The instant gratification,
dropped me
in a hollow.
An empty cauldron
of regret in which
I dare not wallow.

Its delicate ambrosia
was worth every
magical bite!
All caution will be thrown to the wind,
when I have some more


Whispers of Summer

Sugar birds dancing everywhere,
a summer feeling in the air.
The seasons are in quite a muddle,
bare trees stand, confused and befuddled.
“Where is the winter” the tree frogs sing,
oblivious, flowers make offerings.
The sun shines for all its worth,
while winds whisper in gentle mirth.
At night the gleam of distant orbs,
caresses the dark in dazzling forms.
The moon unveils its extravagance,
intoxicated movements of elegance.

After the Fire

“Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi
after the fire
Shoots of renewal,
decorate the earth.
In charred wastelands,
restoration can be heard.
The darkened earth
is holy now,
and trodden with life.
Brazen remnants stand and stare,
pity in their eyes.

Casualties of an inferno,
the loss of
immeasurable things.
Humanity arises,
with courage in her wings.

The winds have died,
hope emerges
from the soil
of sacrifice.
Where embers burnt
and flames torched
a land
once petrified.

The dance of Light and Dark

“It is only where the light and shadow meet, we can see the beauty of both the light and the shadow!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

the dance of Light and Dark

I found a place where Dark and Light,
exchange compliments.
Exposed; they’d fled from the maladies
of discontent.
And in the dark,
Light will say
“I’ll shine your darkened fears away!”
And Dark’s kindness
shrouds the light,
so souls can rest
and regain sight.
Then when at last darkness ends,
Light awakes
and Dark transcends.
They are conjoined in harmony,
where there is found no acrimony.
In symbiosis,
they extol each other,
their breath entwines like formless lovers.
Their dance makes the stars
to shine,
and bodes the winds
to realign.
Because Light knows the
need for rest
and in the dark, deep roots
Without the light, Dark can’t expose
the flaws hidden
in deep repose.
And without the dark,
Light cannot grow
and find its ease
in the ebb and flow..

Searching for Equilibrium

“One ought to hold on to one’s heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche


Hearts echoing
beats of love
fill transformed air.
Head vibrations
try to judge
your heart’s equity.
Passionate cords
in joy’s expectant
The resonance of your heart
holds no words,
the din of brain waves
can disturb.
Listen to your heart
its voice is soft,
without compassion
truth gets lost.
With absent words,
your heart will see,
the depth of
life’s tranquility,
and let the eyes
of your heart
to dazzle your soul
in jubilee…