“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you,
don’t go back to sleep!”
― Jalaluddin Rumi

sunrise 2

i’m beckoned from slumber
by an effervescent sunrise
that brushes
the mantle
of my deepest sleep

i stare out
with sleepy eyes,
hoping to capture
the promises
that a new day brings

shadows move over
the fields,
elongated by the sun’s
oblique presence

the day unfolds
and time is told in simple forms

cheeky clouds waft across
a coral sky
and hide the sun’s timid glow,
but only
for a moment

beams erupt in charm
and paint the sky
with daybreak’s blushing pleasures

i tread drowsy corridors
and wipe dust
from my misty eyes,
thankful to welcome another day
in all its elegance



The language of the heart

Because of our kinship in suffering our channels of contact have always been charged with the language of the heart.
― Bill Wilson

language of the heart

in this place of strangers
i found you
locked inside your darkened home,
your face not apparent
just an outline,
a secret location
where i bared my soul
and in knowing you
i came to life

with love
and acceptance
your open arms around
my shattered dreams
buoyed me up
in a sea of pain
and longing

i didn’t feel alone
in this mystical place
where cathartic words
in pitch black grief
and found belonging
on Earthlings
with no home but this

to bear the courage
and spill those shards
of brokenness
on ears and eyes
that drink in their own torment,
yet bravely mouth words
that restore
the hope
buried deep
deluded reveries

wounded ones
into knowing
that change
is possible
wounds can heal

Picture courtesy of Dave Herman


Walk the Labyrinth

“The only reason we don’t open our hearts and minds to other people is that they trigger confusion in us that we don’t feel brave enough or sane enough to deal with. To the degree that we look clearly and compassionately at ourselves, we feel confident and fearless about looking into someone else’s eyes. ”
― Pema Chödrön


I’m coerced deeper
into disconnection
from thought.
My cells have absorbed
so much untruth.
The narrative I create
is to protect
myself from harm,
from disappointment.
I’ve been distracted
by the words
and accusations,
the confusion of
things I tell myself.

Shadows of my false self
pass by my window
each day,
enticing me back
to reduction,
a far cry from the expanse
that surrounds me.
Grooves deep in my psyche
spill into recognition
of failure,
I sabotage belonging.
Have I tried too hard to forget
my shadow self,
even to deny it?
In my judgement of it,
perhaps I’ve given it
more power!



Breathe it all in and love it all out!
― Mary Oliver


the sun
came up today
and painted his glory
across the sultry skies
and he waited
for the moon
to wave her majestic
orb in his face

graciously veiled
he shut his eyes
for just a while
in devotion
to her beloved form
each crescent
of her loveliness
glowed and sparkled
with certainty
that the sun
to shine
on her

and as she moved
she danced
before his eyes
and darkness
fell upon the earth
in sombre rhythms
quiet reflections
of remembrance
to the sun’s
to all who live and breathe

then the moon
swayed and
and swept
over the oceans
until they
bulged with pride
and her face
was only
known to the sun
as she dissappeared
from sight



in the half light

“A man’s power is in the half-light, in the half-seen movements of his hand and the unguessed-at expression of his face. It is the absence of facts that frightens people: the gap you open, into which they pour their fears, fantasies, desires.”― Hilary MantelWolf Hall


in the half light
i knew
perceived lines of your love
no breath separated
your heartbeat
was my rhythm
your devotion
my robes
in the half light
i knew
faint colours in the hues
kindness in your sight
of your fidelity
i was drenched
in your love
spoke to me
in tones
of tenderness
i believed
in the half light I knew
your breath like raindrops
awakened me
waves of love
were my existence
in the half light I knew
i was one with
all that is
my soul
came alive
with each sigh
by constancy
wherever you are
i’ll be
in the half light
i knew….



At the twilight, a moon appeared in the sky;
In that moon, my body turned as fine as soul.
― Jalaluddin Rumi


i looked full in the face
of the pale moonlight,
and hues of soft ethereal
fell over me….
at this,
the twilight hour,
i was embodied
in wonderment,
and brimming
with fluency,
while the ambient beat
of cycadas
my unruly heart.
the lamplight blushed
in the presence of
such radiance.

i noiselessly sank
into fragrant acceptance.

there was,
all around me
images of such loveliness.

just then,
liquid light
crystals onto the surface
of the lake
and i watched as the moon reached up
to traverse the silken
evening sky.

the tranquil rising
and falling of the tide
coaxed me into
waves gently whispered
sweet nothings
between each breath
i saw myself reflected
in promises
that i would never be alone.

my hope was spread out
the sands of mercy,
the sands of time,
and i gazed up at the stars,
wondering if
my thoughts outnumbered them?
i quietly wished
on them,
still clutching the oaths i had made
in deep connection.
the planets echoed in tones
of my unknowable
distilled light delicately
my darkened

in that moment
I knew myself