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Elbow bump…

dancing in black and white

like tumbleweeds
in a dizzying breeze,
we feel expectant
whilst ill at ease…
in a timid romance,
we’re out of time
afraid to advance…
our elbows stretch out
across the void
baring our hearts
hope is deployed…
Magnetic rhythm
pulls us
one to another,
as we crave connection
and the return
of color…


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“Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together”
― Marilyn Monroe

art gallery

walls hang
with the remembrance
of favored times…
Spaces gather
the dust
of lavish designs…

We long for
a renaissance
to arise from the ruins,
and resuscitate joy, in the disillusioned…

but the clock is ticking
on our hopes
and dreams,
as we peer
through the glass
of this time machine…


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Letting go…

Day 11. of Lockdown

“In the striving to something, you forget to be.”
― Paul Selig, The Book of Knowing and Worth: A Channeled Text

letting go

I felt lost,
my thoughts were scattered,
incoherent aspects
nothing mattered…
Gathering fragments
that are out of tune
I let them go in the afternoon… and spreading out
across the blues,
I began to glimpse
a higher view…

To be continued

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The flowers looked decayed…

Day 8….

day 8

I was hanging in the store today
and everyone looked dismayed
I think I’m going insane
but no one is to blame…

And the flowers looked decayed
coz there’s a lockdown underway
I promise not to disobey
though I feel like flying away
and swimming across the bay…

My hands are raw from spray
and everyone is going grey
they’ve rubbed out all our shame…

But humans will prevail
for we all have microwaves,
though this I can’t explain
I’ll just send you the email
and then we can celebrate…

I told you I was going insane
I’ve got contagion on the brain
this is uncharted domain…

Let’s have a little chardonnay
maybe then I’ll feel okay
or some sparkling lemonade
and we’ll dance to Reggae
to the bee Gees
and Marvin gay…

But hey
there’s a lockdown underway
and I can’t get pink champagne

But who am I to complain
every day is just the same
and it feels like a holiday
though no one wants to play…

and I can’t even buy takeaways…


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Scattering the blues…

Day 4.
We haven’t been able to walk our dog or go to the beach for a while, and he is highly upset. He didn’t get the memo and thinks it’s our fault…

It’s been a day of quiet reflection, not looking at the news too much.

dreaming of vistas
as far as the eye can see
scattering the blues…

dreamy landscapes

playing ball will have to suffice for now…

zeb and ball

stay safe everyone…