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The constancy of breath

I had almost lost my rhythm
almost lost my song,
pieces of me scattered
amid the maddening throng.

I was distracted by the suffering
the heaviness of breath,
troubled by the slaughter
the cruelty of death.

I had almost lost my vision
in the darkness of my thoughts
in a downward spiral
I was unwittingly caught,
and beauty seemed so distant to my blurred mind,
so I ran from the chaos
into everything that’s kind…

and the flowers took notice
the trees caught my gaze
and I knelt again in homage
I sang again in praise…

to the symphony of humans
to the grace of the skies
to the glory of the heavens
and with joy, I harmonized
with every living creature
with the  constancy of breath
and with an inner knowing
I reconciled with death…

For we all have a purpose to usher in holy light
to shine throughout the cosmos
to be reborn of night,
to see beyond the shadows
and bond with human-kind
to search for sublime beauty
and remember that we’re divine!



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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