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this year

May all that has been reduced to noise in you become music again.”
 — David Teems.

I’m going to write my own memes
rework my own prose,
be attentive to silence
and go with the flow.

I’m going to wrestle with my own truths
without a closed mind,
believe in my own magic
and light my own fire.

I’m going to find my own joy
in places of renewal,
set my own style
with no need for approval!

I’m going to narrate my own story
use my own words,
remember the anthems
acknowledge the unheard.

I’m going to love myself more
keep surrendering with grace,
surrounded by kindness
I’ll know heaven’s embrace.

I’ll be more forgiving
of myself
and others,
laugh a little louder
have more fun with color.

I’m going to dance to my own tune
listen more to my soul,
sit with the wise
and let love make me whole.

I’m going to set my own sails
on this journey of faith,
hug every tree
and in forests, I’ll bathe.

I’m going to listen to more music
be carried away
with delight.
daydream by day
and keep watch by starlight.

I’m going to let the moon speak to me
when the skies are clear,
feel the measurements
of what is sincere.

Be at peace with myself, as well as all beings
expand my vision
into new ways of seeing.

I’m going to relearn the history
of this present age,
open my heart
and be willing to change.

I’m going to grow old with gratitude (hopefully)
allow the silent to speak,
gather with peacemakers
hold hands with the meek.

I’m going to let children teach me
try to keep up with their trends,
live with integrity
and see through their lens.

I’m going to unburden my sorrow
give credence to my grief,
believe I am worthy
and true to my belief.

I’m going to swim in more oceans
walk the way of the brave,
encourage the weary
until the end of my days…

I’m going to fall more easily onto my knees,
on merciful grounds
that absorb my unease…

I’m going to try anyway…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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