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I spoke to the moon
through playful trees,
and the distant stars
put me at ease..

in the stillness of night
I’m fully known,
and the gentle moonlight
said I’m not alone!


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Forest bathing…

This is Friston Forest where the Timelords gather…

Let me go to the forests
where gentle trees weep
and surround me in silence
my secrets to keep

where a chorus of tree frogs
takes away the pain
and sunbeams dance
and love never wanes

where I feel the magic of kindness and grace
where butterflies whisper
and wonder awaits

and all I need is an escape for my dreams
music to dance to
and sweet-tasting streams

where pathways are reimagined
and wildness exists
where I’m swathed in glory
and showered with gifts…

and the soft light of the forest
brings me back to life,
and I’m gently reminded
I am truly divine..

Photo credit Rick Frame

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Quiet expressions…

“Be soft, do not let the world make you hard.”― Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Oh those hues, those soft expressions.
they speak to me of gentleness and peace,
and quiet reflection.

they enfold me in love and grace
holding me as I sleep,
covering me with tenderness
watching over me when I weep…

and I wake to sapphire impressions
a glow that stays behind,
moods that lift me out of darkness
and a light that is
fluently kind…


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The rescue…

“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.”― Lao Tzu

I could no longer swim against the current, I had grown weary.
So, I let the tide take me way out to sea, and in that moment of near-drowning
you held out your hand.
You found me afloat in the darkness, unable to find my way back,
I had almost lost the battle.
I wanted to drown, to be suffocated, to end the misery,
but in knowing I was not alone, I surrendered!
I began to move slowly, parallel to the shore.
I regained my strength.
There was no more struggle, just a serenity of senses in very deep waters,
“You can’t fight the waves,” a still small voice said, “rather enlist them in your struggle.”
So I let all that is within me flow with the movement of the water,
and the waves worked for me, as they brought me gently back to shore.


I am always thankful to those who reach out a hand of friendship
when I am in the midst of struggle, no matter how tiny the voice.
It’s like a life-line back to the shore, a beacon of light guiding me out of self-pity..
Never underestimate the power of love, kindness and friendship..


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Untethered shores…

“what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?”
― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

I’ll take a boat
to anywhere
just to sink this sorrow
and drown despair.

The air has been heavy
with what could have been,
the nights are dark
with desolate dreams!

And though my words
still know their rhyme
unforgiving memories
screech out of time…

In quiet utterances
of sun and moon,
some have said
you were gone too soon,
but lifetimes
were written
into holy memoirs,
and Time Lords
inscribed your name
in the stars.

In faraway galaxies
on untethered shores,
I still hear the echo
of angelic applause,
And the quiet lapping of eternity,
reminds me that
you are
endlessly free..


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We are the rememberers…

“Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun!”
― Pink Floyd

This is my son when he was 8, he always loved animals!

we are the rememberers
recalling your walk on earth
honoring your journey
documenting your birth…

speaking to you in whispers
across the veil
quietly feeling
your presence
and remembering each detail..

we are the rememberers
we will never forget
making peace with all that is
surrendering regrets

knowing your soul is shining
shining like the sun
in translucent atmospheres
where you journey
has just begun..

I wrote this three years ago in honor of my son.
He is always on my mind, always with me,
I can never forget!