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Scattered thoughts!

“What is to give light must endure burning.”
― Victor Frankl

My thoughts are scattered,
with nowhere to land,
I wish my body would understand,
that flights of fancy don’t ground my being,
I’m weighed down by a heavy feeling..

Perhaps Jah will hear my prayers,
and guide me safely through these fears
beaming light from a higher source
and set me gently on another course

that faith may rest on me tonight,
in the tenderness
of lullabies…
That I may awaken from the dread
that lurks relentlessly on my bed..

To bring sweet dreams back into view, and so to banish unutterable blues…

I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately, like the words are stuck in my throat
and won’t go anywhere, just festering in my body.
So many things; the state of the world and present circumstances
have weighed me down..
I think I had hoped by now that the age of Aquarius would have begun
and the world’s suffering would be over…
The Psalmist put his petitions to God, and was honest about his feelings,
I will do the same!



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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