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Forest bathing….

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”
― John Muir

I want to return to the forest,
to fairy haunts,
and let restful woodlands
capture my thoughts…

come with me, let’s sit awhile,
we’ll get in touch with our “Inner child” ….
as we carve our names
into ageless bark,
and forage for mushrooms in the dark…

the chorus of frogs will whir in our ears
until this foreboding disappears…

won’t it be fun,
watching light-beams dance in the sun,
as they frolic in temples
of gentle trees,
in movements so graceful
it puts us at ease…

In the stillness of our minds
we’ll gratefully unwind,
and the voice of gentle winds,
will leave goosebumps on our skin…

So that when we return to the maddening crowd,
we’ll hold fast to the secrets of hallowed grounds….

This is a re-worked poem I wrote a year ago, it still felt relevant today!



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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