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My own thing…

Day 16. Nothing was working for me today so I decided to do my own thing…
My son passed on a Friday and sometimes I just fall apart…

In a trail of ashes,
I met the light.
I met the memories
of that terrible night.

I lived the dreams that never were,
I faced the dark without a word!
I’ve stayed in bed
and drowned in tears,
licked my wounds
grown old with years…

and the moon has been my comfort,
the stars my resting place,
I comprehend the meaning
of love and amazing grace.

I light a candle on Fridays,
I whisper his name
I wear his love around me
I am of a feeble frame…

I’m constantly told of my bravery
but I know that it’s not mine,
for I choose to believe in miracles
I choose to let joy shine!

It’s hard to explain the details
many don’t understand
he was sent to be my teacher
and he still holds my hand…

And when I feel the darkness
closing in on me
I quietly say “I’m healing”
hushed by the memories,

and in moments of silence
I feel a growing strength,
it is the understanding
that really
there is no death!



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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