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Day 15. I’m asked to think about a small habit I picked up from one of my parents, and then to write a piece that explores an early memory of my parent engaged in that habit, before shifting into writing about myself engaging in the same habit.

I had to think hard
about this one,
I have tried diligently
not to pick up any habits
from my parents,
you know the bad ones,
or the eccentric ones.
I should ask my siblings,
they may know if I have any!
But for the life of me
I can’t think
of anything… Oh
except perhaps
falling asleep
in front of the TV
and then pretending
that I am awake…
it’s called denial
and no
it’s not a river in Africa!
My Dad would
fall asleep
with his glass
of whiskey
in hand
and if I turned
the TV off
while he was in
a low rumbling snore,
he would wake and say
“I was watching that!”

P.S. If anyone out there in cyberspace
thinks of anything else
please contact me on zzzzzzzzzzz



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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