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Making a fool of myself…

Day 1. The truth is that I know this challenge is going to be hard.
It’s April fools day and why not be a little bit crazy!…
I haven’t been feeling very inspired lately, it’s been like rolling down a hill and hoping to fly…
I am supposed to write a poem inspired by the music underneath…

here goes..

I’ve been thrown in the deep-end
and I’m not on a roll,
I’m losing control
buried in a hole
there’s nothing to withhold…

because I’m trying to fly
to touch the sky
but all I can do is sigh!

I’ve questioned my capability
even my eligibility
to write this little ditty!

I’m bewildered
bedazzled and
I’m the fool of April
and I’m really confused!

and deranged
and strange
but nothing’s really changed…

the colors I translate
the music I celebrate
flowers I cultivate
but this poem won’t compensate
for my own dead weight!

So, I’m trying to be relevant
but the elephant
in the room
is calling on zoom…

testing my expertise and there are no guarantees,
that anyone will be pleased!

Eruptions everywhere
but the plants
don’t seem to care
because they’re unaware
of the planetary alignment
the noise in the silence
and this mad poetic license!
I’ve think I’ve failed the assignment…

so I’m being admitted
to a word rehab clinic
it’s not very scientific
or analytic,
because I am
my own
worst critic!

And if none of this makes sense, well then that makes two of us.



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

3 thoughts on “Making a fool of myself…

  1. Don’t be attached to the outcome. Surrender and in this you will find the unexpected, the mystery. You may not see it now but you will. Feel the words and together co-create the wildness. Love it, Ally.

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