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The arrival…

“Nature is the song of praise that never stops singing!”
― Richard Rohr

The absence of impression had given me away,
consumed by the longing
the world had turned to grey…

mournful words fallen
from unspoken lips,
I reach for the tenderness
where love and light exist..

speaking through a veil of hope
I’d put my dreams aside,
feelings of sorrow
and loss I’ve tried to hide…

but hidden in my untamed breath,
is the the echo of constant death!

And my skin becomes translucent
my bones turn to dust,
slowly resistance crumbles
and grace will not be hushed…

I hold onto the offerings
of a buzzing in the trees,
a festival of florets
enticing grateful bees…

It’s a celebratory arrival, in the warm sunshine,
gazing at the movement
I’m tuned
into the divine!

And in this consummate moment, my sadness disappears,
snatched away by butterflies
heaven’s volunteers…


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Exchanging light…

A year ago the pandemic was declared, I didn’t quite believe it, I shrugged it off for a time, until reality hit hard-and now a year later I am still hoping for a change of season.
As I look to the sky for signs, I find myself growing weary, almost mute with sadness over the state of the world. It’s a subdued feeling, like we are in a waiting room, hoping the news will be better than we expect, almost resigned to the loss of freedom.
Then I collect myself and realize that this moment is all I have and the sky lights up before me.

in growing shadows
and honey-colored rays,
I exchange the light
of cooler days,
and the breeze frolics
in the evening air
birds warble without a care…

the season is changing
in a scurry of wind,
in vibrant colors
never dimmed,
leaden impressions
may smudge the skies,
but Autumn’s mood is never shy!

it’s the return of softness
of mellow rays,
a tease of sunlight on cloudy days…


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A secret place…

“You must forgive yourself, you know, for not knowing any better than you did at the time that you make something so. If you can do this much, you can release yourself from a magnitude of contention that you have created against the self. If you decide, right now, that every choice that you have ever made was born in awareness that you held at the moment that choice was made, you can be understanding of the way that you operated and when. If you knew now what you knew then, you may well have done differently, but you cannot”
― Paul Selig, The Book of Knowing and Worth: A Channeled Text

A secret place
were made,
the song of the waters
our serenade,
and we grew quite fond
of the sacred trust,
that connects our lives
like cosmic dust…

wounds gushed forth and sore hearts bled
stones cried out from the river bed,
our words became flesh
freeing our pain,
we rewrote our stories in the pouring rain..

we forgave ourselves for the times we’d failed
we changed the script and
and with grace
we exhaled…

like a tidal wave that resets our lives
together we sensed
that we had survived!


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Twinkling lights…

“I rest in the grace of the world and I am free.”
― Wendell Berry, The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry

I settled
by night
in the tender fold
of twinkling lights
and the moon’s
soft hold…
I was touched
by the peace
of wild things,
the evening’s stillness
against my skin,
I sank into lawns
of emerald green,
with a tingly feeling
of the unseen,
when words mean less
than the movement
of love,
I’m bathed
in essence
of the stars above…


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The call…

The waters call
from translucent depths,
to be as one
with nature’s breath…
To listen to
the rhythm
of the tides,
to play in rock pools
like a carefree child…

To reclaim
the taste
of salty air,
and feel hard ground
absorb despair…

Barefoot bathers reunite,
in a delicious glow
of warm sunlight,
forgetting the suffering
that plagues our earth,
drinking the ambrosia
of healing mirth…

surfers stand in the rush of the waves,
riding the swell in holy praise!

along with fishermen who watched by night
and feel the thrill of an early bite..

we soak up
the fragrance
of ocean spray,
tangible magic of a summer’s day,..