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The Muse…

I have decided to do the poetry challenge for April…a poem a day for a month. I’m looking for a little inspiration to move me as I try to reinvent myself…

She couldn’t think of what to write,
the blank paged stared back at her.
She had worn her heart on her sleeve all these years,
and was growing weary of each sorrowful word
she had written!

She didn’t feel brave at all,
and she had lost momentum,
the magic seemed to have disappeared…

She searched for inspiration
perhaps even a muse to bring on a flow.
She asked herself if anything really mattered?
Perhaps the plague had eaten away her at her joy
or the chaotic world had distracted her.

a reply came from deep within her
it was a small voice but a distinct one
and she surrendered to it
she let go of all the stories she had told herself.

There was no pulling or pushing
no need to accomplish anything,
no need to stand out!
she listened to the quiet rhythm of her heart
as movement swirled around her,
and she let it be.
the season changed and she celebrated
she had begun to feel more comfortable in her own skin
more attuned to her falling
to her failures!
she no longer held her thoughts tight
though they formed circles around her
she let them enter and leave the way they came
with no judgement or resistance!

for she had momentarily slipped through the cracks
of her own overthinking
and fallen into the bleakness of everything
but she knew she would recover
in time…

She let the tide of her imagination take her wherever it willed…
dressed in fine gold
in moods of red velvet
she felt the rising of something beautiful!

she could feel fluency returning…

Art by Susan Walker Morse


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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