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The arrival…

“Nature is the song of praise that never stops singing!”
― Richard Rohr

The absence of impression had given me away,
consumed by the longing
the world had turned to grey…

mournful words fallen
from unspoken lips,
I reach for the tenderness
where love and light exist..

speaking through a veil of hope
I’d put my dreams aside,
feelings of sorrow
and loss I’ve tried to hide…

but hidden in my untamed breath,
is the the echo of constant death!

And my skin becomes translucent
my bones turn to dust,
slowly resistance crumbles
and grace will not be hushed…

I hold onto the offerings
of a buzzing in the trees,
a festival of florets
enticing grateful bees…

It’s a celebratory arrival, in the warm sunshine,
gazing at the movement
I’m tuned
into the divine!

And in this consummate moment, my sadness disappears,
snatched away by butterflies
heaven’s volunteers…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

One thought on “The arrival…

  1. You find the best quotes Ally….. the song of nature one I can never never tire of… there is such a sadness that desicates our soul.. its such a time of decaying to surrender fully to our losses and to grieve as if all turned to ash but think that in time the rain of tears may turn it all into a new substance that may yet give us life and nature is always there to hold us in the palm of its hand.. ever so gently and tenderly.. love and hugs ❤

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