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I heard it on the news…

We have a variant, they say, but the vaccines won’t be as effective, they say, so we need another one, they say. We live in Africa where people are poor, where livelihoods are threatened…Can we survive?
This is just the backdrop to the following piece…

There is so much to say
and the words are jumbled up in my head
the shutters are jammed
and only a thin beam of light emerges
to touch my heart,
is it enough to jump-start the day?

it’s all been too much
the news
the ups and downs
there’s no celebration for us mortals
no fanfare telling us it’s over
no breaking news   

The harmony of senses is grounded
tossed in the dirt
with ant colonies
in a frenzy of movement
searching for life-saving moisture
to quench our parched remains

We look through cracks
into the fabric of time
hoping it will soon be different
the pestilence will be blown away by a mighty wind
there’s no “Doctor Who” to save us
just a melting pot of worry
into chapter after chapter of doubt

I turn the pages every day
waking up to another round of bad news

Always hopeful of a new dawn
I watch bees collecting pollen
and going on their way
still gathering in anticipation
of being rescued
from the dark forces
that threaten
undeterred by the pandemonium!

brave faces in the supermarket
are hidden behind the terror
we are unrecognizable now
shriveled masterpieces
we have almost forgotten how splendid we really are
our faith lies dormant
in pools of the unknown
we wait
but our patience is growing weary
stacked up in doorways
we look out
into the darkness

have we lost our connection to the universe
or can we still stand
and watch the stars long enough
to meld into their light?

Can we escape this madness
and fly to another world
or maybe shrink ourselves into tiny fragments
into close-ups of nature
touching our skin
life-saving devices
resuscitating our dreams
bringing back our confidence
so that we can believe in miracles again!

our hope gets magnified among the soft tentacles of light touching us once again,
warming our bodies with love and grace…

we are eternal beings!




I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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