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where skies beamed down…

I found you there
in translucent sunlight,
when the voices of sorrow
overwhelmed us

silent tears fell
in crystal showers,
like beams
of light
gently kissing our bodies…

dark undergrowth
hearts spoke out-in true confession…

words diluted
into liquid breath
and suffering
caught up
by the winds…

sapphire skies beamed down…
light danced
and the cathedral of trees
stood over us
covering us
honoring our courage…

The earth’s foundation
as we stepped
into the future
imagining a different world
beyond all suffering…

we bathed in the fragrance
of this holy foliage
by its forgiving light,
butterflies swooped
and the forest floor
absorbed our pain…

And Time Lords
moved among us
in silence.
we chiseled
our heartbreak
in the dark bark of remembrance.
a chorus of tree frogs
whispered to the stillness…
leaves rustled…

we let the magic of the forest
soften us,
distill us,
with its cooling breath, and sweet-scented disposition…..



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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