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Liquid music…

We are somewhat of a hotspot for coronavirus, so our beaches will close from tomorrow until the 3rd January. Unfortunately it is a time of enjoyment for many who come here for their summer holidays, but the powers that be don’t want to risk large gatherings.
So today many of us hit the beach drinking in our last quaff of ocean magic…for now anyway…
Last time they closed this beach, it was reported by the rangers that the sea birds had a cosmic festival of their own…

When the skies peer
into reflective
and the ebbing tide
makes no demands,
like lovers
joined in perfect fusion,
merging into
liquid music…
they see
as incandescent
walking through
translucent skies
I feel my breath
and I join in
their comic song,
to feel the sense
that I belong…


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“Still, what I want in my life is to be willing to be dazzled—
to cast aside the weight of facts

and maybe even to float a little above this difficult world.”
― Mary Oliver

It’s one of those heavy days that has no imagination or flow,
I have to seek it out among trees and flowers.
The birds call me out from weighty agendas and beckon me back to silence.
The air is thick with wonder and Jupiter has made me many promises.
I sit among the colors, waiting for gatherers to rest on the alluring foliage,
and have their fill. Offerings of succulent nectar are everywhere.
Staring up through tiny windows I see the light of heaven
and I breathe in the composure of my surroundings…
I exhale the wretchedness of fear that desires to lay waste to earth!
Weariness seems to subside just a little in my garden of dreams…


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“Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay!”
― Maya Angelou

As heavy as raindrops
falling on dry ground,
I am drenched in the agony, that is all around,
waking the dead
from their silent abode,
mystical augurs
are being foretold…

As we stand on the brink
of a graceful reverie,
knowing at the summit
we will all believe!

In these times of turmoil,
as I awaken with dread,
my sorrow is poured out
and soaked through my bed.

But the angels are calling
asking me to be brave,
though times of suffering
come in constant waves

and I lay down my agenda
my need for control,
engraved is the heartbeat
of light-filled souls!

With weariness all around me
I have prayed for strength,
a revival of kindness
and the awareness of breath!

I’m hidden in my quarters, watching from the sides,
and I sense there are forces
that will bring faith to life.

I’ve surrendered expectation,
I’ve relinquished doubt
now I’m watering my hopes
to bring an end to this drought!


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Keeping watch…

Jupiter and Saturn will appear extremely close Dec 21 2020. Jupiter is the brighter of the two planets in the night sky. … “The last observable time these planets were this close was the year 1226.” Because the planets will be so close together near Christmas, it’s being dubbed the “Christmas Star” by some.

stuck in dark obsessions,
and current waves of fear,
I’m keeping watch
at twilight
for faith to reappear.

I stand on a pillar of hope
carried by prevailing winds,
looking to distant planets,
to reanoint our skin,
with love
and peace,
with kindness
and goodness…

to catch a glimpse of heaven
in all of its fullness!

and every tribe and tongue will be gathered into light
all of the earth’s suffering will vanish with the night!