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The after-glow…

“The rule by fear will be ended. But it will not end until it is faced. And this must include your own self-deceptions at a level of individuality and agreement.”
~ The Guides through Paul Selig

At midnight hour
when breath is still,
and glittering baubles
loose their thrill,
there’s a moment
when sadness heaves,
and the world’s
sorrow is
to be believed…

When only love
can break your fall,
and long shadows
somberly call,
twinkling lights
will slowly fade,
as you put aside
your grand parade…

in the darkness
tears are like rain,
gushing from the source
of all pain…
as they flow like rivers
from the heart
into the silence
where joy departs…

But you know
that grief
must be heard,
it’s been pressing down
without words…

and when wild ruminations fly,
and you forget that you’re truly divine… 

you find your strength in the after-glow,
in quiet confession
as you let fear go…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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