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I don’t pray anymore…

I was inspired by Chelan Harkin’s poem… “Susceptible to Light” .

I don’t pray anymore,
I look up at the skies
and see birds flying,
taking mind messages
to heaven for me…
I lie on the ground
and let the earth
absorb all my misery.
I watch butterflies dance
and I marvel at their

I don’t pray anymore
I allow the planets
to align me
with their mystical powers,
as the moon throws
beams of glory on me…

I don’t pray anymore
I remember
I remember
when I was once innocent
and believed
in the miraculous,
watching plants grow,
reminding me that
love is all I need…

I don’t pray anymore,
I taste flowers
and bitter herbs
and let them color me
on the inside.
I stand under trees
and feel rooted
to sacred earth.
I let my heart
be touched
by the warm
Indian ocean
as it returns love to me
in the form
of broken shells
and patterns on the sands…

I don’t pray anymore
I pick wild flowers
and let ticklish grasses
anoint my feet.

I don’t pray anymore,
I let the eyes of children
read me,
while I rewrite
my own story…
I speak to the darkness
more often
and watch shadows
become lucid dreams…

And when I’m weary
and the world
gets too much for me
I breath God’s name
in and out
without vowels YHWH…

I let the sun light my face
with freckles
and bring the sparkle
back to my hair,
while the wind
caresses my body…

Perhaps this is prayer after all,
the true worship
of a believer… 



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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