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Hallowed waterways…

Keep your heart
in the irrepressible splendor,
of what makes you feel alive,
grow your dreams in gardens
where grace and mercy thrive….

let kindness be your mantra
for the rest of your days,
fill your lungs with gratitude and coalesce with praise…

Don’t let the sun go down on the intensity of color,
be illuminated each morning
by movement and wonder…….

Distract yourself with harmony, and the flight of wild geese,
visit hallowed waterways
and ingest mounds of peace…

Be inspired by light-workers and children at play,
walk on sandy beaches
and day-dream all day!

Believe in the miraculous
even when it’s dark,
speak to sages who unveil sentient sparks…

feel the moon’s energy gesture to the tides,
as you glide into a knowing
that there’s comfort in each trial…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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