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My Mother’s eyes…

I lived inside my mother’s eyes,
I drank her tears,
she carried a deep woundedness that stole away the years…

I delighted in her fragrance
the softness of her form,
I inhabited her happiness,
I felt her inner warmth…

She dwelt among mortals
when sorrow came to dine,
there was no celebration, no juniper wine…

She’d lost her melody, her spark of life
buried by loneliness,
her wounds she tried to hide…

she had never been inconstant until that fateful day,
they said she was manic,
and locked her away!

I wish I had moved in
and scattered all her pain,
I wish I had entered the vortex of her shame…

I was there the moment
her life force ebbed away,
I held her gently
and begged her to stay…

on her deathbed her aura became so bright,
her breath eased
as she moved towards the light…

how could I hold her and keep her for my own,
when the table had been set
and she’d seen the glow of home…

without her I was rainless and devoid of faith,
and from my own shackles I needed an escape…

I still feel her legacy
burst inside my breath,
I see her in visions across the veil of death…

she lights up the night skies,
she has become my summer rain,
she’s planted in my spirit,
she trickles through my veins….

the sparkle of her blue eyes always captures my gaze,
through the mists of memory,
in black and white shades…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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