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The sound track of my life…

Take me back
to the sound track of my life,
when libations of words poured out my desires…

when my sweet innocence
breathed holy rain,
and we danced in ceremonies

be attentive to my heartbeat,
gaze into my eyes,
look for the wildness that makes me feel alive…

Hold me and tell me that the dream is near,
speak to me in poetry and quell my deepest fears…

Listen to my ponderings, fluent in verse,
cover me
with the flowers
that carpet the earth…

Bring me symphonies, the music to my ears,
stay up with me in darkness
until the moon appears…

Transform me with love and make me bright,
bring back my vision
return me to sight…

tender me with favor, that I never feel alone,
make me forget that I was once disowned…

you are the reason
that I honor these days,
for you considered me worthy and adorned me with praise…

Art on the wall of the Beer Yard…


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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