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Talking to myself…

be led astray
by ladybirds,
and wild bouquets…

as your feet touch the ground
relish the sounds
that emanate from the earth
and feel the mirth
of warblers at play
be present
stay a while…
and pray!

merging with grace
as nature holds a space
for the longing
of your soul…
gladly lose control!

as wildness informs
be transformed
by sacred emissions
as you quietly listen…

and hear what’s unsaid
in caterpillar

There are things more important than the news
or Howard Hughes
or your Sunday shoes…
rather be amused!

as you fall into the knowing
that loveliness is growing
underneath your feet
become replete
with all that is…
be frivolous!

Make a decision
to wait
and listen
to the grasses a hissing
and butterflies a kissing…

And grow into peace
it passes understanding
be less demanding!

on walkways of blessings,
in the neighborhood
of heaven,
you’ll feel your burdens lessen…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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