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Daisy, Daisy…

I’ve been touched by gentleness, in times of despair,
drenched in hurt,
though adorned in prayer…

scorched and weary, my life in ruins,
my words seemed feeble,
no longer fluent…

I was shown a great love that covers all sins,
immersed in the hope that eternity brings…

though judgement’s sting muddies the waters,
and outcasts weep in rooms of the fallen,
I believe in a kindness that restores our faith,
to be known by our tribe
to be seen by the brave…

I’ve buried my sorrow and hidden my pain,
yet with grace and mercy
I am ordained…

to bravely stand
in the wreckage of my life,
and believe I am worthy and fused with the divine…

and joy stands and awaits the call,
to uplift my countenance when I fall….

in my garden of dreams, I’m planting peace…
joining the daisies in this delightful feast!



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

3 thoughts on “Daisy, Daisy…

  1. Such a wonderful Kintsukuroi of Self coming through. I can feel the inner gold flowing up to fill the fault lines of tectonic movement and major and minor cracks not as scars stifling movement, but of celebrating the connections born of experience… Kintsukuroi, repairing a broken vessel with gold, silver, or platinum lacquer in a heartfelt mindset that the thing is more valuable for having been broken.

    I love that you didn’t go down like a daisy, that you grew, ordained with grace and mercy, planting peace and joining the daisies in this delightful feast (of life).

    Such a wonderful poem. You can just feel the heal each experience brings, to One, to Tribe. To All. Thank you.

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