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Living springs…

At times when the world is in so much pain,
I stand in the silence and listen to the rains.
I hear the heartbeat of a million words
I hold my breath
and let fear disperse…

I touch each droplet like a magical jewel,
and in the reflection
I see renewal…

Life is more bearable when the moon winks,
when my beloved
gives me a glimpse
of the holiness that resides within each soul,
and slowly but surely,
I am consoled…

By the chatter of robins at early light,
and my heart is enlivened to continue the fight,
to believe in a world where love wins,
and feel its majesty
touching my skin…

To walk barefoot down gravel paths,
to be gently tickled by untamed grass,
to be present in meadows of emerald green
and know that
I am eternally seen…

By daisies and butterflies and all manner of things,
to sup at the table of living springs…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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