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windows to heaven
“I should have told you

that I felt dead inside,
the nights were long
and I tried so hard to hide…

But instead, I kept the wound
tight against my chest,
fragmenting quietly
I was secretly depressed…

And you walked through my consciousness
living your best life,
while I lay bedraggled
hardly alive…

and I wondered if you noticed
my labored breath,
my sorrowful look
my fellowship with death…

But the walls couldn’t hide me,
the floors wouldn’t hold,
I needed the benevolence of a loving fold…

where questions don’t need answers
and fears go unscreened,
a place of belonging where joy intervenes”….

“You know
those sanctuaries
where you tiptoe barefoot,
where your
core resonance
is fully understood?

and the ground
feels the vibration
and stride of your walk,
the air knows
the inflection
and mood
of your talk…

it’s a setting
where the breeze
the curve of your form,
and sunlight reminds you
of everlasting warmth…

where shadows
follow you
out of the gloom,
and you breathe
the intensity
of holy perfume…

and up above you
are windows
to heaven,
pouring down on you
untold blessings”…


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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