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Rocking the daisies…

rocking the daisies

I lay down with the daisies,
like they were my kin,
against the soft grass
of union,
we knew not sin…

gently rocking me
they whispered
secret vows,
fulfilling a longing,
while the trees quietly bowed…

Combined with their essence,
they foreknew my soul,
they colored me
in loveliness,
my face they did extol…

And as our breath
in a triumphant dance,
the air blew cold
and scattered,
it was a wild romance…

in the softness
of surrender
I forgot my place,
was this
the euphoria
of a lover’s embrace?

as they enhanced me
with pigment,
and divine accord,
lying on the embankment
I knew
I was simply adored…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

8 thoughts on “Rocking the daisies…

      1. I am struggling with the new editor on WP, trying to post and rad when I can. Yo know how it is, I know you understand the ups and downs our hearts go through. Take care Ally, much love and light to you.

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