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In every storm…

We are in the middle of stormy weather and especially around The Cape of Good Hope, also known as The Cape of Storms. The seas have been very high, flooding the land near the shore. A friend of mine took this photo, he said that people were intentionally standing in the way of the waves, like children, and it was exhilarating…
In his words “It was refreshing to see the power of nature and in the end, how powerless we are to control our own destiny.” I loved his words and photos…
Photo courtesy of Charles Mercer Photography…

storms of lifeIn every storm,
life gathers us,
to be our true selves,
it pummels lofty notions,
it deeply compels…

Rearranging our senses,
it renders us void,
rattling through the rafters
returning us to joy…

It reminds us
of our smallness,
but also our strength…
Momentarily engulfing us,
as it speaks to us in-depth…

Stripping us of arrogance,
with our rights,
as it works its magic
it transmutes us
into light…

Changing us into glory,
one molecule at a time,
revealing the mystical,
releasing the divine…

the law of nature
is a beautiful thing,
teaching us
to effortlessly sing…

And when it’s over
we must never return,
to our grandiose babbling,
grumbling words…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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