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huffed and puffed

Words had dried up in me
scorching my mind
like a relentless drought
sweeping over me,
awaiting ascension…

I held my breath
with brittle confidence
and called out
to higher journeys…

In darkness
where the moon and the planets align
in ever-watchful
of grace,
I remembered
and the intercession of the saints…

Uncertainty had run unbridled through the ravaged parts of my mind…

I’ve thrown the bones,
lived in seas of sorrow,
lain on beds of despair,
and inhaled the agony of living…

Now as I huff and puff
in meadows
where wishes rise
like fragile pods
of prayer
sent heavenwards
to fall
to earth
by faith,
the unborn seeds
of hope
bury themselves anew
in me…

I’ve allowed
these imprisoned words
to spill out, over pages and pages of parched lands
as they quench me,
even immerse me
in baptisms of fire,
cracking open
these pods of unbelief…

I will return to the creed that once wrote my story, long before I came to earth…




I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

11 thoughts on “Returning…

      1. I totally understand, the same for me too, I have needed to take a step back and time away just to process things. Lots of love and hugs from me.

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