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The Summer of love…

To Rick…

seagulls in eastbourne

The summer of love
is beckoning me
from over the seas,
winter winds are blowing,
assembling a big freeze…

I want to go to the forests
where time lords gather,
crunch over pebble beaches,
and watch seagulls scatter…

Meet me on the promenade,
so we can catch the amber light,
stay awake with me,
let’s put the world to right…

We’ll drink
a little chardonnay,
and watch the greenery grow,
eat victoria sandwich cake
and talk about van Gogh…

We could put on the bee-jees, and sing way out of tune,
hang-out over the rainbow,
and mingle with the blues…

If I was a Jonathan seagull,
I’d fly right now to you,
I’d even request a stop-over
in Timbuktu…



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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