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I long for the bustle of markets,
stalls of delectable eats,
chitter-chatter in the corners
nuggets and sweet treats…
steam rising from infusions,
patrons all abuzz,
bottomless vibrations
until I’ve had enough…
Oh, to sit in the dining area
and eye-ball other dogs,
stuff my face with shwarmas
while balancing on stubby logs…

Common grounds and conversations,
toppings that please,
vegan aspirations
and everything else with cheese…

To watch Colin the mime artist,
to hear laughter everywhere,
there’s no room to be cranky
coz granny brought her garden chair…

I long to see hippy girls and long-haired dudes,
buy farm-fresh vegetables and
other wholesome foods…

to be charmed by the ordinary,
and taste community fare,
jive to the sound of performers,
sung on a wing and a prayer…

I long to sit with a glass of wine and prattle till I am done,
eat spicy samosas
or a tasty cinnamon bun….

I just wanna be in the outside
with my all-weather friends,
whether it be raining
or freezing,
I can’t wait for this damn thing to end….



I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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