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Living next door to Alice…

To my Brother…

living next dorr

I’m taken back to a time when I used to listen
to my brother’s home radio station.
I was the only one.
I would push handwritten requests under his door
and sit in my bedroom
day-dreaming about things teenage girls dream of,
to the beat of “living next door to Alice”…

Now in present times
I read between the lines of his everyday life…
I listen to his heart music in words and I sing along to his symphonies.
Though he be far over the seas, I find we have a kindred belief in all things magical…

I wonder if he still takes requests?


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

9 thoughts on “Living next door to Alice…

  1. It’s just before four – yes, in the morning. I tried to get through the hump of the three but did not quite manage it, but lay in bed, imagining it was at least minutes before dawn. It doesn’t matter that it’s not because I am taken back to lazy Bulawayo afternoons, after a message from overseas. Living next door to Alice is on the turntable and I am spinning the hits. The Daily Serial is coming up, followed by The preacher talked to me, and he smiled. In another room, far away now, a listener has tuned in, transporting me, asking me if I still play requests. Of course. Any time. Up next and up-to-date, a real find. You get strumming along and hey, I love the original, but this one grooves and is just as easy on the ear. It makes you feel good to be alive and, remember, you heard it first, on this dial. Bulawayo 595.

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    1. and I’m still the only one, but that doesn’t matter because there’s a chorus way up in the skies and even down below in the form of butterflies who dance to your music…


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