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Fading into black and white…

Day 6. in the underground
Day 1. in poetry land…

I used to work in a bank, say no more!

an artist by nature

I fade with the ink
into black and white

hiding under mountains of doubt
scatterings of a creative mind
gone to sleep

my hope
is frozen in time

dusty tatters of a dim view
I’m buried deep
under piles of unbelief

Once I fled from lifeless banking halls and queues
to pursue imagination
accepting just token offerings

but I gravitated back to figures and numbers
with no words to celebrate
just echoing chambers
of a humdrum world

and scribbles in scarlet
a pedestrian beat

Oh, prosaic woes

Call me back to splashes of paint
and words
that make me feel alive again

in paperless daydreams
my mind wanders to other things
to creativity
Abstractions and songs

colorful landscapes
made of wishes that do come true

I feel faint-hearted in this pursuit
But It’s fifthly lucre that keeps me fed…



nat poetry


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

8 thoughts on “Fading into black and white…

  1. if only we could survive on writing poetry and stories, but aren’t we also the rich and fortunate ones because we can write and express, you say my heart’s content Ally, so eloquent

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