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Augurs of light…

Sadly we have been exposed here in Africa and I will probably have to stay home for a while and watch the grass and flowers grow. I don’t really mind!
I took this picture on my last outing to the store, the flowers hold such promise, they seem to have no cares…
In fact, they gave me hope…

augurs of light

Agapanthus swayed,
the dream was at hand,
in love’s equation,
faith will stand,
and darkness
in the eye of the storm,
conscious contact
was being transformed…

Messengers of hope
placed there
by chance,
a graceful exposure
was willing to dance…

Strength from beyond,
in unlimited flow,
untold guidance
was being bestowed…

Calling on soothsayers,
augurs of light,
in chambers of love,
we got through this night…

And lucid blossoms
still wave in the wind,
acts of kindness
can never be dimmed…


I am an unknown introvert who desires to touch the world with a little bit of magic...

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